Logo Evolution

Diera took over early strong concerns at the level of its graphic image, which derives from the concept of Ivy by its strong meaning: leaf, nature, stem, fruit, balance, wellness, perfection, ecology, future, environment, hope.

"HERA, s.f. with stem often woody, climber?, spontaneous and frequent in Portugal".

In 1967, the DIERA logo started as:

In the 90s, DIERA operates a restyling in order to standardize and simplify its graphic image around the same concept, leaf ivy, but stylized.

In the new millennium, Diera reinforces its original meaning and assumes itself as a young, innovative, open to society and aware of the importance of environmental preservation for the future of humanity.

In 2010, with a new decade ahead, Diera assumes once again its vocation  as a dynamic business constantly evolving, and proceeds with a facelift to its logo to a more modern image, which better reflects the present values and concern constant with the environment.

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