House of Coimbras


Located right in the Historical Centre of Braga city, next to the chapel with the same name, the House of Coimbras has its origin in a mansion built in the XVI century as a house for ecclesiasticals and acquired by D. João of Coimbra, provider of Braga Miter.

In 1906 the mansion was demolished, although the Manueline architectonic elements have been preserved for the reconstruction of the building in 1924, on the other side of the street, in continuity with the chapel. Today, the space functions as Bar and Restaurant.

For the rehabilitation of the exterior walls of the building, it was necessary the removal of all unconsolidated componentes in the most degraded areas, and the application of the Adhesion Promoter Aditek P. After the execution of the façades with Diera RV Plus was applied Diera TH Therm, and sandpatch finish with final coating plaster Diera RV Fino.

The final decorative coating was made with Acrylic Primer Disolcryl and high quality Aqueous Paints of Diera Tincryl/Texcryl

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Cementitious mortar for the grouting of all type and format of tiles, in interior. For joints from 1 to 12 mm width.


Improved cementitious mortar for joints, for the grouting of all type and format of tiles, in exterior. To fill in joints from 3 to 15 mm width.


Cementitious mortar for joints, for the grouting of tiles or natural stones, for swimming pools, places with continuous or high humidity and exterior. To fill in joints from 2 to 8 mm width.


Improved cementitious mortar for joints, sanded finish for joints between 5 to 20mm, in interior and exterior. Ideal for grouting wide joints in interior and exterior and on intense traffic flooring.

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Aqueous paint for protection and decoration of facades

High quality aqueous paint developed from pure acrylic resins, with high resistance to storms.

Specially indicated for the protection of façades, it shows good resistance to alkalinity and fungus growth.

Presents a good colour retention, durability and resisting dirt retention, because the film formed is stickiness free.

Used in the System DIERATHERM+ (ETICS), certified by LNEC with the decision DH 932 and ETA 14/0363.

- For sand or tinned in exterior;

- Good yield: 8 to 12 m2/Lt/coat;

Matte finish and smooth texture;

- Available in buckets of  1,5 e 15 Lt.

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