Finalist of the National Prize of Urban Rehabilitation

Category Residential Use

Finalist of the National Prize of Urban Rehabilitation - Category Residential Use

This rehabilitation project by arquiteta Adriana Floret and executed by 3M2P - Construção e Reabilitação de Edifícios Lda., constituted by this building and 2 more buildings at the confluence of 3 streets, gave rise to 32 new housing fractions, in the heart of the Historic Center of Oporto.
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Interview DIERA - Building Materials Magazine 187

Diera is prominently featured in the 187th issue of the Revista Materiais de Construção, published by APCMC (Portuguese Association of Construction Materials Traders -

The 3-page interview is included in the "NEW MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES" dossier from page 62 and can be consulted and downloaded free of charge at:

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Headquarters S. PINTOS Group - Engineering and Construction, S.A.


The headquarters building of the S. PINTOS Group - Engineering and Construction, S.A., in Recarei, is a project by the architect João Paulo Loureiro, winner of the Habitar Portugal 2008 Prize.

For the restoration of this emblematic architecture building, a reinforced network bus was created with the DIERA TH THERM FLEX paste, especially suitable for the application of new ETICS systems and for the rehabilitation of thermal insulation systems with pathologies due to their high flexibility, elasticity and compatibility with most surfaces and materials.

The finish was done with the application of Primer RV Plascryl and Thick Plastic Coating DIERA RV Plascryl M / F.

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Borralha Guest House

Vila Real

With a rural setting in an urban setting, facing the Douro River, Borralha Guest House is a hotel unit housed in an old mansion of Vila Real, now restored, located near the city center.

In the building recovery project, which showed some signs of degradation, Diera solutions were used in the bonding and grouting of ceramics (Diera CL Flexible and Dieracolor CR Flexible), and in the protection and waterproofing of interior and exterior surfaces in natural stone, with the application of waterproofing solution Aditek T.

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Basic, Classic and Premium


White plastic paints with excellent quality / price ratio, for for interiors and exteriors


High-quality plastic paint (catalog colors) with excellent performance, for interiors and exteriors


Top quality decorative paints (catalog colors) with excellent finish and high resistance, for interiors and exteriors

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